Plastic Protective Panels

Protect your Clients & Staff with Plastic Protective Screens

If you're in need of a way to protect your staff and visitors and enforce social distancing guidelines, plastic protection shields from Image360 are an ideal solution.

Designed for your desk, counter or table area, these panels have a hole in the bottom of the front panel that makes it perfect to exchange payment or items at customer service & sales counters.

Made from durable plastic, these screens are easily cleaned with soap and water. They can be quickly and easily assembled with the included base, and don't require permanent installation or additional hardware. The removable base allows for easy transport and for storing the panel flat. We can also add custom messaging and graphics to your panel for more effective communication.

Our standard guard (pictured) is 23.75"h x 31.75"w, with a 4"h x 9"w access hole and is available for fast production. Need a custom size for a specific environment? Let us know your specs for a panel to fit unique spaces.

Image360 can also help during the COVID-19 crisis with these other solutions:

  • Signage and Graphics
  • Social Distancing Resources
  • Protective Face Shields

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Plastic Protective Panels
Plastic Protective Panels
Plastic Protective Panels
Plastic Protective Panels
Plastic Protective Panels
Plastic Protective Panels
Plastic Protective Panels
Plastic Protective Panels
Plastic Protective Panels
Plastic Protective Panels

+Is it good to have a protective screen?

Acrylic Protection Screens for Companies in Vero Beach, FL

Image360 is ready to help your employees work effectively with our plastic protection screens. Our high-quality protection screens and sneeze guards are an excellent option when it comes to making a secure work environment because they serve as a protectant against the rapid transmission of viral infections that are caused from coughing and sneezing.

With our sneeze guards, your team in Vero Beach, FL, can resume work and keep your business operating under current social distancing practices. Image360 Vero Beach will help you provide a safe environment for everyone in your building with protection gear.

The sneeze guards Image360 Vero Beach makes are available in multiple sizes with components that are beneficial for most businesses. Whether you manage a retail company, an office space or a bank or credit union, our sneeze guards and plastic shields can help. Made from durable and lightweight acrylic, each product is simple to clean, provides an unobstructed view and can be designed to meet just about any size requirements. Our mobile sneeze guards let your staff uphold social distancing and perform their job duties effectively. Equipping your place of business and employees with personal protection screens and shields provides an extra measure of encouragement because you’ve put in precautionary steps to protect them from viral infections with our safety products.

+How can I keep everyone safe?

Keep Social Distancing while Operating

Businesses in the Vero Beach, FL, region can benefit from utilizing plastic protection screens, whether they’re for cashiers, receptionists or fast food workers. These dividers not only help secure your employees from catching the novel coronavirus, but your visitors will also feel more comfortable entering your building. Social distancing, masks and using protective screens are excellent measures to take in order to reduce the spread and allow companies to reopen safely.

When you work in any of these types of businesses, sneeze guards are an excellent option:

  • Medical Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Grocery Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks
  • Retail Operations
  • Restaurants

The Importance of Protection Screens

Image360 supports our regional Vero Beach, FL, economy by ensuring your business has the equipment necessary to operate. You can trust our team to create well-made protection screens suitable for any business. These are easy to disinfect, preserve, move and put away. Essential workers operate on the frontlines, so we want to help keep your business safe and protect your team and customers throughout this time of uncertainty.

At Image360 Vero Beach, we create protection screens from clear acrylic that serve as a safeguard from transmitting any viruses through sneezing and coughing. Sneeze guards can be put on any flat surface. They can also be attached to other surfaces like walls, countertops and other pieces of clear acrylic protection shields. We can incorporate a one-inch gap to carry out transactions and pass documents to your clients.

+Who can make sneeze guards for my company?

Your [City] Professionals

Your local professionals at Image360 Vero Beach are here to make sneeze guards for your business. Stay safe at work and maintain social distancing with acrylic sneeze guards in the Vero Beach, FL, area. Let’s maintain safety, and for essential businesses, it’s crucial that your team is and feels secure. Image360 Vero Beach is the ideal choice for sneeze guards in the area. Whatever you need from us, our team provides high-quality craftsmanship. Image360 is committed to all of our clients in Vero Beach, FL. With the best results and customer service, you’ll be pleased when you work with our team. You can really depend on the finest when you join up with Image360 Vero Beach.

Get Your Safety Screens

It’s critical that we all maintain safety this time. Essential businesses in Vero Beach, FL, can turn to Image360 for sneeze guards. Our acrylic screens are made to keep social distancing practices in play and safeguard your customers and employees. Give Image360 Vero Beach a call now to learn more.